Parleaux Beer Lab

Parleaux Beer Lab’s name will tell you a lot about the company. Par means ‘by’ and l'eau means ‘water’ in French, and the brewery is located in the Bywater, one of New Orleans’ trendier parts of town, near the banks of the Mississippi River. The French translation is a nod to the city’s Francophone history, and the brewery’s name speaks to Parleaux Beer Lab’s investment in the community.

As for the “Beer Lab” part? This is a reference to the experimental nature of their brewing. With no flagship beers, each visit to Parleaux can be a new experience of small-batch brews.

So what has Parleaux made so far? Some beers you’ve most likely never tasted elsewhere including everything from a raspberry- and cherry-aged stout to a summer gose beer made with ginger, lime peel, Himalayan pink salt and coriander. Oh, and there’s also been a German altbier made with rooibos tea — just one of many flavors that even seasoned beer fans don’t see on menus regularly.

The simple, unpretentious vibe is evident in the taproom as well, where benches and picnic tables inside the facility sit next just a few feet away from the beermaking equipment, giving customers an up-close look at where their beer was made.

Parleaux is the kind of place where, if you live in the neighborhood, you’ll likely run into folks you know. And if you’re just visiting, you’re likely to make a few new friends as well — four-legged and otherwise.