NOLA Distillery

While Prohibition sought to remove alcohol from the lives of Americans in the early 1900s, New Orleans simply went about its cultural habits as if nothing had changed. Even when federal agents tried to enforce these dry laws, New Orleans simply moved its operations to secret rooms, private clubs and numerous speakeasies. Finally, these restrictions came to an end in 1933 and NOLA Distillery is still celebrating.

NOLA Distillery celebrates the Big Easy heritage with bourbons, ryes, gin and vodka that give a nod to the rum runners, bootleggers and speakeasy barkeeps of yesteryear. Enjoy the subtle sweetness of 1933 Distillery Wheat Whiskey, with notes of honey, vanilla and dried berries, or the peppery bite and spicy splash of the Barrel Strength Rye. Be sure to book a tour to learn more about New Orleans in the prohibition era as well as taste the history of the area's history with spirits.