Oxbow Rum Distillery

Every drop of Oxbow Distillery’s Rum is made from scratch. The distillery prides itself on farming, milling and distilling each batch to ensure every sip embodies the essence of Louisiana’s finest sugarcane.

With sugarcane grown on the banks of a Mississippi River “oxbow” in Pointe Coupee Parish as its prime ingredient, Oxbow prides itself on producing some of the freshest product.

Among their finest sipping rums are their Small Batch White Rum, made from 100% high-grade sugarcane molasses; Barrel Aged Straight Rum, a dark rum aged in new American oak barrels for over two years; and their Rhum Louisiana Cane Juice Agricole, in which fresh-pressed cane juice is fermented within hours of harvest before pot distilling in small batches.

Want to learn more? Take a tour of the facility in downtown Baton Rouge to learn about the distilling process at Oxbow.