Landry Vineyards

North Louisiana’s premier winemaker, Landry Vineyards, has been going strong since its arrival in West Monroe in 2006.

Landry Vineyards has so much to enjoy and offer. Wine tastings are offered throughout the week, no appointment necessary. Guests can sample over 20 different wines, all handcrafted at Landry Vineyards, in both the semi-sweet and dry styles. To learn about wine making, book a tour of the vineyard and learn about Landry Vineyards’ history, see grapes on the vines (at various times of the year), walk the grounds, learn about the bottling process, see the barrel room and more.

In the spring and fall, guests can enjoy a late afternoon outdoor music concert while sitting on the hillside with family and friends. Talented local musicians play their favorite songs that everyone can dance to. Whether you sit in your lawn chair and tap your feet to the sound of music or groove on the dance floor, you will pass the afternoon in a fun, family-filled atmosphere.

Landry Vineyards has over 16 acres of grapes. Their Blanc Du Bois pairs well with our Louisiana cuisine and the Rosé, made from the Lenoir grapes grown at Landry Vineyards, is very light and fruity. Guests must try their Louisiana Heat Port-style wines.

For a complete list of Landry Vineyards’ wines, tasting and tour information, cottages, RV sites and the full concert schedule, visit their website.